Work With Kacy

Are you ready to start taking control of your books, skyrocket your profits or decimate your tax bill?

I offer a few different services.

  1. Financial Coaching / Cleanup. You don’t have the need for a fully outsourced bookkeeper or accountant, but need some help setting up (or cleaning up) your books.
  2. Ongoing Accounting Services. You want someone working to make sure your goals are getting met, your books are pristine, and tax time is going to be a breeze. Chances are, went into business to do what you are good at – and ongoing accounting services help you free up the time to be focused on your priorities.
  3. Tax Planning & Preparation. A lot of entrepreneurs could be saving 10-30% or more on their taxes. This could be tens of thousands of dollars you are paying than you need to. Are you set up in the right way to maximize your profitability?

I’d love to set up a time to talk about your business and what your goals are. Let’s chat soon.